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Kayak in the middle of the sea

Rental Waiver Form

Kayak and Paddleboard Rental Contract

Damage/Loss of Equipment Policy:

I acknowledge that if I lose or damage lifejackets, paddles, kayak or paddleboard, the following expenses stated below maybe charged to my credit card provided, as an additional charge to the rental fee. Paddle Replacement: $75.00/each; Lifejacket replacement: $25.00/each; Single Kayak Replacement: $650.00. Tandem Replacement: $ $750.00 ; Paddleboard Replacement: $1,200.00; Repair to Kayaks: $100.00/minimum.

Renter hereby rents from Under The Sun Beach Services the foregoing watercraft equipment (the “equipment”) for the period(s) and charges specified. Renter agrees, as further consideration for such, that Renter and all members of Renter's party will comply with the following Duties and Obligations.

Renter's Duties and Obligations

1) All rented equipment must be operated in strict compliance with all state and federal laws and in compliance with all safety and operating procedures provided under Rules on page 1. Failure to follow the law, procedures, rules or verbal instructions authorizes Under The Sun Beach Services to immediately terminate this agreement. Under The Sun Beach Services reserves the right to refuse use of the equipment by anyone.

2) Renter understands the Renter is hereby assuming responsibility for all persons in Renter's party, whether adults or minors, utilizing any of the equipment, and for their acts which may cause damage or injury to property or persons. Renter is in good health, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and is otherwise capable of safely operating the equipment provided.

3) Renter agrees to promptly return all equipment rented to the area rented from (if picked up or at place delivered) at the end of the rental period (“Return Time”) in good condition. Renter agrees that Renter is liable for all “Additional Charges” as may be determined by Under The Sun Beach Services upon return of the equipment. Renter shall immediately notify Under The Sun Beach Services if equipment is damaged or stolen.

4) Renter understands and agrees that Under The Sun Beach services reserves the right to require Renter to relinquish the use of the equipment at an time due to unsafe or improper use. If, in the opinion of any Under The Sun Beach Services employee, Renter becomes incapacitated, violates any terms of this agreement, or allows unauthorized or unfit person(s) to operate equipment, Renter agrees and understands no portion of the rental fee will be refunded. Renter is responsible for loss or damage and cost of repair to equipment. Renter agrees to pay the full cost of repairing any damage occurring to the equipment during the period rented under this agreement and/or while it is in the Renter's possession and control. Such cost of repairing will include not only all parts and labor, but also loss of revenue due to the “down time” as determined by Under The Sun Beach Services. Renter herby authorizes Under The Sun Beach Services to charge the credit card provided on contract for the amount of damages/replacement costs incurred, immediately. Renter assumes risk, releases and agrees to Indemnify Under The Sun Beach Services from all claims. Renter acknowledges that use of watercraft equipment is an activity involving personal danger and hazards. Renter acknowledges having been given and fully understanding the procedures and instructions regarding the safe use and operation of the equipment, and Renter further agrees to comply with these procedures and instructions. Renter understands the duties/responsibilities owed by Renter (see above). Renter voluntarily participates in these activities with full knowledge of the dangers and hazards involved and Renter expressly agrees to accept these risks and accept responsibility for any all injury, death, or damage to persons or property occurring while equipment is being rented and under the terms of this agreement. Renter hereby voluntarily releases, discharges, waives and relinquishes any and all claims or causes of action for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death occurring to Renter, or others, arising from the use of the watercraft equipment rented hereunder, or any activities incidental thereto. Renter further agrees to indemnify Under The Sun Beach Services, and hold harmless Under The Sun Beach Services from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorney's fees, against or incurred by Under The Sun Beach Services, arising from any use of the equipment rented under this agreement, including any claims or actions by any person whom Renter allows to use the equipment while it is being rented under the terms of this agreement. All legal action will be in Broward County, Florida.

I have carefully read this entire agreement (including Renter's Duties and Obligations and the Kayak/Paddleboard Rules) and I fully understand the terms herein contained and by signing, I agree to be lawfully bound to this agreement and that I am doing so of my own free will.

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