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Meet The Team


When you meet Tommy and Tammy Doyle, you can immediately feel the excitement and positive energy they evoke. They are smart, personable, entrepreneurial and full of energy.


Since 2015, they have been an integral part of creating a successful beach concession for Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood Florida. Their highly-rated service, Under The Sun Beach Services, has been a popular, well-liked Hollywood Beach Margaritaville partner in providing guests a swimmingly, splendid experience, 350 guests a day, 365 days a year.


They have been an asset in rolling out and enhancing beach operations, along with the quality of service the resort provides its guests and all beach goers alike. They recently expanded their product offerings by adding Beach Photography so guests can capture their Hollywood Beach vacation memories. As Tommy comments on his Under The Sun Beach Services website, “We don’t just rent beach chairs, we offer escapism and a positive impeccable experience.”

With this new venture, they see an opportunity to take their relationship with Margaritaville to an amazing new level. Tom & Tam’s island attitude will carry over to all their onboard activities as positive brand advocates.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Project Management 

  • In charge of Margaritaville Beach operations since inception in 2015

  • Heavily involved in the development of the Margaritaville beach program

  • Develops strong relationships

  • Great communication 

  • Motivator and driver for success

  • Self Starter

Who Am I

  • Passionate

  • People person

  • Fitness enthusiast

  • Outdoor adventurer: sailing, scuba diving, fishing, free diving and kite boarding 

  • videographer ,drone pilot and photography

  • Responsible to create and maintain excellent relationships 

  • required adaptive and innovative solutions

  • goal orientated

Unique Value Proposition

  • Joined Margaritaville beach operations 2019

  • Project management

  • Great communicator

  • Organized 

  • Structured  

Who am I

  • Wife / Mother

  • People person

  • Yogi

  • Passionate

  • Love the beach

  • outdoor adventurer: sailing, scuba diving, photography

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