Sailing Margaritaville

This is a personal invitation from Tommy & Tammy Doyle for Margaritaville to join them in their real life nautical adventure circumnavigating the Earth. This unique voyage will be lush with the loving and personable couple’s authentic, tropical escapism experiences and excitement as it navigates the open seas and drops anchor at Margaritaville ports of call all along the ship’s incredible journey.



Come Sail Away With Us!


Sailing Margaritaville: Come Sail Away With Us!

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Meet The Soon To Be Famous Couple!


Along their maritime escapade, The couples will be Margaritaville brand ambassadors who embody an easy going, laid-back attitude consistent with Margaritaville’s brand promise of tropical escape and relaxation. Livin’ the dream!

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Their Seafaring Residence

Our Branded Vessel, A Luxurious Leopard 45 by the name of Sukha, Will Be Our Seafaring Residence and Margaritaville’s Amazing Sponsor’ship’ Opportunity. (Sukha, according to Sanskrit, is an “Authentic state of happiness & pure bliss within a being that is lasting.”)

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The Oceangoing Adventure: Multiple Seasons, Multiple Episodes


Seasons Will Be Our Maiden Voyage.

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Vlogger Equipment


The Vlog: Sailing Margaritaville With The Doyles


As The ‘Stars’ of Their Seaborne Show, Tommy & Tammy Will Be Ideal Spokespeople For All Your Brand’s Diverse Products under The Margaritaville Banner, including The ‘55 & Better’ Properties and Your ‘Luxury Condominiums’.

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The Publicity


Exposure opportunities abound for MargaritaVille brand building in both traditional and social media consistent with your brand personality.

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The Proposal


Taking Our Relationship To An Exciting New Level Is A Win-Win Opportunity for Margaritaville and the Doyles.

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