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The Vlog: Sailing Margaritaville With The Doyles


As The ‘Stars’ of Their Seaborne Show, Tommy & Tammy Will Be Ideal Spokespeople For All Your Brand’s Diverse Products under The Margaritaville Banner, including The ‘55 & Better’ Properties and Your ‘Luxury Condominiums’.

  • Custom vacation Vlogs throughout each season’s itinerary with water related fun and interesting stops in addition to the Margaritaville locations.

  • Smooth sailing into the hearts and minds of thousands of followers who love to travel vicariously through vacation blogging and now vlogging.

  • The whole vlog YouTube series will include activities such as:

    • Snorkeling

    • Sailing

    • Kiting

    • Fishing

    • Vacation blogging special places of interest

  • Social media expertise will be provided by digital communications professionals from Big Dog Media

  • Seasons and episodes will chronicled and edited by our Margaritaville Hollywood Beach photography team for optimum entertainment value

  • Exclusive VLOG’s for each Margaritaville location visited

  • Followers will be engaged.

  • Program will be monetized for multiple revenue sharing opportunities similar to other cruising families with millions of viewers now popular in the YouTube world.

    • YouTube Series Advertisers

    • YouTube Channel (“Sailing Margaritaville”)

      • (1k subscribers needed )

      • Add subscribers as we sail through each season’s itinerary

      • Financial uptick possibility with advertisers/sponsors that are compatible with Margaritaville & The Doyles

      • Exhibiting many aspects of their ‘days in the at sea lifestyle’, featuring the type of foods eaten, the way the boat is outfitted, etc.

      • Patrons can donate to support the venture

  • Promotion sweepstakes opportunity for followers: Meet the Doyles
Vlogger Equipment
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